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Gabriel Big Bang, Round 2!!!!!!! ...or not

It's that time again...

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Time for the Gabriel Big Bang!!!!!!!!

(grr, me thinks the link they provided for the banner no worky. Grrr. There was a purty picture up there).

Last year I participated & wrote Finding Faith, a fic that (non-romantic) pairs up Gabriel & Faith from BTVS. I'm thinking of writing a sequel to that OR a different fic. Perhaps a little Illyria/Gabriel fic (inspired by my Dawn/Lucifer fic 'Toeing the Line Beween Evil & the Divine')? Or some Buffy/Gabriel, inspired by Anarine and already requested by moonagestardust?

Oh the possibilities!!! mwaahhaaa :)

Prompts are welcome, my dearies!

note: Here are the important dates, in case anyone else is interested!!
Important Dates for Writers

-October 31st is the last possible day to sign up.
-You must have a complete rough draft, summary, story warnings, and final title turned in by January 31st.
-On February 3rd, your anonymous summary and title will be posted for artists to claim.
-Posting will begin on March 9th.

EDIT: 11:18AM:

Sigh. Forget it. I just read the rules. Apparently they're allowing RPF (which is something I was into when I was in High School but now totally creeps me out) but NOT CROSSOVERS.

6. Are crossovers allowed?
No. We apologize, but the only crossovers that will be allowed are Supernatural RPF crossovers

This. Sucks. *sighs*

I like straight spn stories okay but you all know crossovers are my thing. I've rarely written a singular fandom fic - and if so just HP or BTVS.

I'm a saaaaaaaaaaaaaaad panda :(


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