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A Recap for the Willow's Thief Series,

A Recap for the Willow’s Thief Series:

To help readers remember the story before beginning to read Willow's Choice, the 3rd book of the series.

Willow’s Thief:
Our titular heroine was in England recovering from magical addiction (and the events of season 6) when she found the thief responsible for a series of bread and eggs hefts – Sirius Black, on the run after from the Ministry of Magic (and the events of book #3). A series of misconceptions results and they are separated. Fortunately, fate intervenes (in the form of Dumbledore & the Golden Trio) and those misconceptions are put to rest. With the Ministry of Magic hot on their tail, Willow and Sirius escape through a portal to Sunnydale – but not before Willow has a moment of black-haired veiny badness.

Love begins to blossom between our heroes, regardless of the obstacles in their paths. Namely, dealing with the First Evil and Lucius Malfoy – who is hellbent on acquiring Willow and her powers, even if it means aligning himself with the First Evil.

The events of Season 7 of BTVS happen to an extent, but this time Remus comes to Sunnydale with Giles, and they bring a Hogwarts 3rd Year named Luna who is a potential slayer (determined by the random Bringer attack she suffered). The other canon potentials show up, and Kennedy is as bratty and as focused on Willow as ever – except, this Kennedy is a witch.

Sirius discovers that Dawn possesses a magical core that allows her to be a witch, and he and Remus begin teaching her. Remus and Anya begin a sexy-time-turned-serious relationship, and it turns out that Anya was a Hogwarts witch before she became a demon (and that’s how she cursed Olaf into a troll).

Christmas time brings a visit from Harry, Ron, and Hermione, chaperoned by Tonks. Harry and Dawn strike up a friendship, and so do Tonks and Xander. Meanwhile Ron is oblivious as ever to Hermione’s feelings.

Shortly after, they visit the American Wizarding Village in Portland, Oregon to have wands made for Dawn and Anya by Luna’s Uncle Bartholemous. Tragedy in the form of evil wizards strikes and Dawn is left for dead – or so they think. Buffy’s sacrifice in ‘The Gift’ for Dawn presumably blessed her in the same way that Lily’s sacrifice for Harry Potter protected him from the Killing Curse; Dawn is left with a lightning bolt scar on her shoulder.

The Summers’ house is bustling. Thanks to the work of witches and wizards, the house has been magically expanded a’la the Weasley’s home and everyone is decently comfortable. But the emotional comfort of the house evaporates after the Attack on the Vineyard, which has far greater consequences thanks to Caleb and Lucius working together. Several girls die and one is bitten by a werewolf’d Remus. But something powerful takes a hold of Luna Lovegood and we realize she is not a potential slayer – she is a Guardian, descended since the time of the First Slayer.

Faith and Buffy both find the Scythe and Caleb gets castrated and shish-kabob’d. Remus, overwrought by guilt thanks to his wolfy actions, runs away to L.A. where he meets up with Angel & the gang – all of whom are dealing with a runaway Connor, who hightailed it after he killed Jasmine. The werewolf and Destroyer connect, and they both head to Sunnydale afterwards.

The house is brimming with heroes and would-be heroes, but Willow is falling under Kennedy’s spell. Seemingly betrayed by Sirius, she takes up with the barely-legal potential slayer, leaving the wizard grief-stricken. He leaves for Grimmauld Palace, and not even Andromeda and Tonks can change his mind to return.

The stakes our high and this shit starts getting real – especially after Andrew finds a certain business card from somebody who is supposed to be dead.

Buffy works out the plan of instilling the slayer essence into each potential and plans the big attack with everyone. Understanding that they didn’t want another ‘vineyard’ incident, Angel is brought in as a reinforcement – and he brings all of his people plus the Wolfram and Hart Security Team.

As they advance to the high school, over in England the Triwizard Tournament has finished and Voldemort is released. Sirius leaves his fortress of solitude to check in on Harry, along with Tonks. Once Harry realizes that Sirius left Willow and Dawn to deal with the First alone, he gives his godfather a hell of a tongue-lashing before Trelawney says some choice words. Sirius and Tonks both leave for Sunnydale – and then run into the American Wizarding Secretary, Katherine Asp.

Back at the high school, Kennedy/Lucius uses mind control to force Willow to instead transfer the slayer essence into him, but Sirius stops Lucius just in time. As Willow battles her mind control, the rest of our heroes are fighting – and dying – underneath the Seal. Willow eventually succeeds in taking control of her mind and Sirius throws Lucius Malfoy outside the office, and into the arms of a Turok-Han. Although the potentials do get activated, the heroes get no reprise because A Kwanza Bovu – also known as the First – appears in a corporeal suit.

It comes down to a clever move on Luna’s part and Buffy’s Scythe-wielding arm. The First is destroyed, once and for all. Its death sends tremors through the earth and Sunnydale collapses – but not before everyone escapes by bus.

Quick Recap:
Pairings by the end of the story:
Willow/Sirius, Remus/Anya, Tonks/Xander.
Some hints are given to the growing romances of: Spike/Buffy, Dawn/Harry, Vi/Connor

Status of Main Characters:
Willow & Sirius: Living together in their cottage before Willow leaves to find other new slayers
Buffy: Vacationing with Spike and Dawn before leaving with Willow to find other new slayers
Giles: Putting together the new Watchers’ Council and using council assets (like a castle) to start a school for the new slayers
Xander: Living in England and working for Giles, also dating Tonks. He also has a Mad-Eye Mood magic eye, thanks to Caleb ripping his out and Anya having an awesome Gringotts account from her witchy days (yay for interest!)
Remus & Anya: Working for Giles, along with Robin Wood and Connor
Luna Lovegood: Back home with her dad until her trip to discover her Guardian heritage
Dawn: A damned good witch for someone who just started learning, and set to start at Hogwarts in the fall. Regularly writes Harry Potter
Connor: Working with Remus and for the Watchers Council; he decided to get out of L.A.

A recap of Crescent & Spike’s Most Excellent Adventure:

Luna Lovegood dreams of a dark-haired beauty named Drusilla who gives her a riddle that references Luna’s Guardian legacy. She then leaves with Spike for America to search for new slayers, while Willow and Buffy search Asia. Only Luna (the Guardian) and Willow (the one who granted the girls with slayer-ness) are able to ‘feel’ where the new slayers are.

In Boston they meet a trio of Hunters, humans who hunt supernatural evil. John Winchester, his 16-year old son Dean, and his 12-year old son Sam work with Spike and Luna – unwillingly at first – to defeat a batch of vampires. The older two are wary of the so called ‘good’ vampire and witch and there is no trust there.

As their travels continue, Luna and Spike realize that someone is attempting to kill the new slayers. Some slayers are killed before they arrive while others are barely saved. In Connecticut they find the new slayer Lane Kim only to fight off several vampires intent on killing Lane…although for some reason their orders say to leave Luna alone.

Puzzled, they head to the Big Apple for Olivia Benson – who turns out to be much older than anticipated. As soon as they realize that all potential slayers were activated, regardless of age, a mysterious young vampire girl attacks them. Spike is shaken by the attack – for he knows the girl, even if he wishes not to speak of it – and Luna is almost killed. The Winchester boys find Luna in the hospital and they keep her company while John, Spike, and Detective Benson search for the girl vampire, to no avail. Throughout the experience there’s a great deal of tension between Dean – who distrusts all things supernatural, including witchcraft – and Luna.

Luna and Spike then head to Bon Temps, Louisiana where they find the new 17-year old slayer Tara Thornton and her telepath friend Sookie Stackhouse. The mysterious vampire girl arrives and kills Tara’s abusive mother, and Spike and Luna set off to save the girls. Spike confesses that the girl is named Penelope and he turned her long ago because Drusilla wanted a ‘family’. They thought she had died in the frenzied mob that had almost destroyed Drusilla, but it appears not. Confronted by his ‘daughter’ Spike has no choice to kill her – but before he does they learn that Penelope is working for Drusilla and Drusilla wants Luna as her new vampire ‘daughter’.

Heading to Nebraska, they stop at Harvelle’s Road House to find the next slayer – 27-year old Ellen Harvelle, mother to 10-year old Jo, and widow to a recently murdered Hunter named Bill. The Winchester family is there as well and they’re not the only ones – Drusilla shows up with a posse of vampires and someone deadlier – Bellatrix Lestrange.

Drusilla and Bellatrix kidnap Spike, John, and Ellen, leaving the 4 kids to figure out where they are. After stopping in Portland’s Wizarding village (Columbia Village) to get advice from Luna’s Uncle Bartholomaus and Aunt Brumhilda (a wizard and his sasquatch wife), they head to the Grove of Titans, a location near Crescent City in California.

It’s a trap, of course, and Drusilla takes Luna while the 3 other kids are locked up with their parents and Spike. Luna escapes and finds a magical chest that she knows holds her Guardian legacy. She escapes into the chest and into a different world constructed of magic and memory. There she meets her grandmother and Gaia, and she is granted her legacy. She returns to the normal world and helps to defeat Drusilla and Bellatrix – or so she thinks.

Unbeknownst to Luna and Spike, Bellatrix didn’t die. At least, not exactly. Drusilla came out of hiding and turned her into a vampire, right under the watchful eyes of Lucius Malfoy, whom Drusilla welcomes with open arms.


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