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Title: The Third Man
Author: Luna (aka Luna_del_Cielo on lj)
Fandom: Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairings: Balthazar/Buffy
Summary: "They’re called ‘servants of heaven’ like it’s something honorable. Like there’s something good about being someone’s slave, someone’s lapdog."
Spoilers: BTVS: Season 5, SPN: Season 6 “The Third Man” and eventually the entire season
Rating: T
Warnings: none yet

Chapter 1: Chapter 1


This fic is for Shulik who definitely inspired my mind’s fervent desire for Buffy/Balthazar ;D

Since Balthazar is a season 6 character, expect some spoilers for 6. You can read more about him at: http://www.supernaturalwiki.com/index.php?title=Balthazar

This story will take place in the year after Season 5 of Supernatural and Season 5 of BTVS, aka Season 6 (Silly 1-year jump for SPN that throws off the years being the same!

And here is a gif of Balthazar; it gives you a clue about his personality as well (Take from S6 ep "The French Mistake" and created by Mathlai who created a plethora of awesome images at http://photobucket.com/images/balthazar%20supernatural%20gif/):

Faking one’s death isn’t as easy it as sounds. When an angel dies it leaves an imprint of its wings on the surface of where he or she was killed. Not only that, but a certain smell lingered behind, noticeable to only another angel. The scent could only be referred to as ‘burnt grace’ for that is what it smelled like to them; like the aroma left behind by lightning striking a tree. To properly stage his death was no easy affair.

But it was well worth it.

Bitterness flooded through him as he hid his celestial body carefully within the earth under the ocean floor. Balthazar would be a fool to take a new human vessel so quickly. No, he would have to wait until his brethren gave up hope and completed their mourning.

Angels are not very good at keeping track of time. It’s such a silly human concept that they had no patience for it. Their grace could ferry them across decades and halfway around the world. Time had never mattered to Balthazar before.

But now he knew that the slayer – his slayer – was all alone. Or, perhaps not alone. She did have those friends of hers, the ‘Scoobies’ he thought. But could they properly understand? Would they ever know the blissful paradise she had been kidnapped from? No, he doubted it. After all, what were they but human?

Yes, but isn’t the slayer human? an impetuous voice whispered in his mind.

Well, perhaps so. But…she was different. Clearly.

Remember the Grigori? Remember how Gabriel destroyed those angels sent to the earth to help humans, yet instead married human women and bore children? Do you really plan on joining with the slayer? the voice continued.

Some would call the voice his conscience. He just called it a fucking nuisance.

Besides, Gabriel had faked his own death long ago. Word recently traveled that the archangel had been in hiding for centuries as the pagan god Loki. Talk about being a hypocrite – killing one’s brethren because they rebelled against Father yet then later rebelling yourself. With the dirty pagans of all things.

It had been Castiel’s defection from the Host that made Balthazar realize that free will was possible, that upon the realization of the betrayal dealt to the slayer he was able to leave. But in reality, he supposed he had more in common with his eldest brother now in faking his death. Shame that Lucifer killed him.

Wait! Lucifer did kill him, as the scuttlebutt said. But apparently Gabriel did it to protect a pagan goddess. What was her name again? All those pagan seemed the same to him. Bitchy whiny things, the lot of them.

Still. Gabriel had been able to hide from the Host for many years. Perhaps his goddess consort would give Balthazar a few tips?

It was worth a shot, as the slayer would say.


Some time later he had found a proper vessel and convinced the host to give the body up. That had not been terribly easy. The vessel was a forty-five year old man and some former rock star that enjoyed his life of drugs and woman. Who would want to give such a life up? Not to mention, Balthazar didn’t exactly have a holy need for the body. Most angels told their vessels that by saying ‘yes’ and letting them use the human’s body they would be working for God. Well, he wasn’t exactly doing that anymore, was he?

Then again, God had disappeared long ago. Were any of his brethren truly working for him anymore? No… but perhaps Castiel. He did apparently help stop the Apocalypse, after all.

Luckily, one time Balthazar came to the rocker while he was stoned and the man said yes. Victorious, Balthazar finally had a body. Upon assessment he realized it may even be a body that the slayer would find attractive. Six foot, blond hair, scruffy facial hair, impressive set of abs, and a overall look that made him appear younger than the man’s age.

The women in the streets particularly seemed to like him. Unfortunately for them, he was not interested.

But it was too soon to meet the slayer. First he needed to figure out how to hide himself. Sunnydale was closely watched over by the ‘Powers That Be’ – the administrative group of angels overseen by Raphael. Bunch of dicks, those ones. If they suspected that an angel was interfering with the slayer they’d do something right awful to her in order to ‘balance the scales.’


It took some time but eventually he performed enough spy/maiming work among the supernatural crowd to discover the pagan goddess that Gabriel had died for, Kali. Sources said that she could be found at her main temple Dakshineswar Kali Temple on the bank of the Hooghly River. He zapped himself there (honestly, he could just hear the slayer’s voice in his head describing his method of transportation as such) and sure enough, he felt a dark presence there.

The temple itself had nine spires that glistened golden underneath the setting sun, with a scattering of maroon-painted roofs. Inside the compound that held the temple was a large courtyard that was taken care of very well with bright green grass and dozens of palm trees. He meandered around the courtyard for he was certain there was something here, As the sun set he became the only person left, for all other tourists had been ushered out. Of course, he had the advantage of the ‘Jedi mind-trick’ to ensure he was not bothered by the humans nagging the visitors.

Frustrated by the lack of show on Kali’s part, he began chanting in Enochian and attempted to summon the door to her home. While there were no buildings here he swore she must have magically concealed it somehow.

When the skeletons came out during mid-chant, he knew he was correct about figuring out Kali’s location.

Four human skeletons, bright white under the waxing moon, shone brilliantly as they approached him. Their limbs swayed and they moved as if in a dance, with each hand clutching a long curved sword.

It was eerie, but honestly the broad would have to work harder than that. He had been around for sodding ever and it took more than that to kill him.

Leave” one skeleton rasped in a murderous female voice.

“Hey now, I’m not trying to cause any trouble. Don’t get your pelvic bone all up in a twist, darling,” he smirked. “I just want to talk to the missus about my long lost bro, Gabriel.”

The skeletons halted several feet away from him. One minute passed and then ten. Finally the earth opened under the feet of the skeletons and swallowed them whole.

“Nice trick,” he admired. Something shimmered like a mirage before him and suddenly he was looking at another temple that seemed to rise up from the ground, replacing the deathly guards. “Really nice trick,” he murmured as the door to the temple opened. He sauntered in and pivoted once to get the full glimpse of the place. He had stepped into a large foyer with two doorways on each side leading to separate rooms and a staircase featured in the middle. White stone, unlike anything he had seen before, made up the interior of the temple. Soft candlelight illuminated the sparkling attributes of the stone and he was momentarily transfixed by the sight.

“Oooh, shiny.” He could practically hear her whisper it in awe; the slayer’s voice came to him more often since he had left heaven.

“I rarely allow angels in my home,” a husky voice snapped at him. Balthazar looked up to see, he presumed, Kali walking towards him barefoot and garbed in a deep blue sari. “Or to live for that matter,” she huffed.

A playful smirk crossed his lips. “Please, stop with the sweet talk. You’re making me blush with how special I must be.”

Her eyes flashed black and for a moment Balthazar thought she was possessed. But then they faded to their previous color, a dark brown, and he had to forcibly lower his shoulders; seeing demon eyes made his body go to ‘fight’ mode on automatic. “You seek me to discuss Gabriel. Why?” Kali asked coolly.

Balthazar sighed. How should he phrase this? “You knew Gabriel as Loki. You know he hid from us. I need to know if you know how he did it.”

Kali stared at him, the slight raise of her eyebrows the only change in her icy expression. Then the corners of her full lips rose up and she began laughing – like she was mocking him.

Furious, Balthazar unfurled his wings and used the tips of his invisible wings to press her shoulders against the wall. “This is no joke, pagan. I must know the secret!” he growled like a man unhinged. Which he was, he supposed.

Twin tiger roars filled the airs and out of the corners of his eyes he witnessed two beastly tigers approaching him from each side. Kali’s eyes turned black again and the air warmed up considerably. “You think to treat me with dishonor in my own home, angel?” she hissed.

The tigers growled in warning.

“I need to know,” he demanded. If she didn’t know then it was hopeless, all hopeless. He could never go to the slayer, never make himself known. For if he couldn’t hide his true identity he would only make her a target.

“Release me or I kill you,” she bit back frostily.

“Hey now! Come one, guys. Can’t we all just get along?” a cheerful voice called from the stairway.


Thank you to those who reviewed! I had a insufferable finance course today for work and essentially daydreamed the plot to this story so there is a plan! Yay! Expect shorter chapters than I normally do, as a warning. My time and mind aren’t quite with it at the moment but Musie does want to play with this story, in between the Crescent, Lenore, & Dawn/Lucifer story! :D

Kali’s Temple: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dakshineswar_Kali_Temple


( Those Who Hollered — Holler! )
Jul. 20th, 2011 07:05 am (UTC)
I like :)
No seriously I think I might really like this and though the biggest part of me liking it might be because of Kali and Gabe I would love to read more. Just considering Gabe in the same room with Balthazar makes me smile (and not just because these two could be hilarious, they have grown a bit more serious after all). So please write more?
Jul. 20th, 2011 02:31 pm (UTC)
Aw, hey! Thanks for reviewing :) I haven't gotten a lot of feedback on this one so it's nice to know someone is reading!

I'll be updating this one at some point. Right now I'm working on a dozen different stories so I really write at the demands of my muse. But I luuuuurrrve Balthazar and Kali and Gabe, so I'll be returning to this one :)
( Those Who Hollered — Holler! )

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