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Also, I am super nervous because my boss just sent me a very formal e-mail:

Good morning,

I know you are busy wrapping things up, but HR has asked me to complete a performance evaluation for you.  I have done so and been given the go-ahead to review it with you.

Are you able to meet to review this on Tuesday, June 14?  What time would be good for you?


I'm a contract employee that has been employed since March 2010 (grant). I have only met with my boss during my first two weeks, a couple times during June 2010 and then just seen her at random work functions that I may attend (because I work from home). So I have NO idea what she will say on my performance evaluation. I have submitted some of my invoices late throughout the year - more so in the beginning b/c I was supposed to turn it in every 2 weeks but I liked getting paid one huge chunk at the end of the month so I would submit it monthly, only to find out later they did not like that because the Finance Department was getting annoyed. So it made me look bad because I didn't know better. I've never had a deadline for reports but would always submit on time because it was a conference call with our grant giver at a state agency. After those calls ended with the beginning of a new regime in January I would submit maybe the 2nd or 3rd of the month which could be seen as late but I never had a deadline.

I'm nervous because I've applied for other jobs within the parent company and have not gotten anything positive back. The one they never got back to me but I also know it's been since Feb and they haven't hired anyone else and the position is in turmoil because they're changing the outcomes of that department. Also, at the interview the VP told me there was concern about my organizational ability because I turned in items late, and the (BITCH!) finance woman told her that. I explained myself and hoped I sounded okay. But at the time they were excited about me applying...

But I just applied for another position with them and turned in my app on Memorial Day and haven't heard ANYTHING back which is odd b/c that was the internal deadline and the community-wide deadline is the 10th- as an internal employee I am supposed to get first dibs on interviews. So no call makes me think maybe they don't think much of me anymore.

Because to be honest, I really have not done with this job what I could have. I totally started slacking with the new regime in Jan cuz they didn't support some of the programs I wanted to do outreach for so I said screw it, because it was all a mess. AHHHHHHH I AM SO NERVOUS!!!


Also, my 3-hr job interview is next monday. Which I guess is good my eval is the day after so if my supervisor comes down hard on my (I don't take criticism well, even if it's not that bad) I won't be feeling all nervous for my job interview.

But who knows. Maybe it won't be that bad. I mean, we've only talked a few times so it's not like she really knows what I do or don't do...right?!?!????



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