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Today is a Horrible Fucking Day

Dog has been sick...dad finally took her to the vet today...turns out she has (had) terminal skin cancer.

She was euthanized today about 2:30pm, while I was at work.

I pretty much had a crying panic-attack-gulping-air moment at work that lasted for 30 minutes.

If only we had taken her in sooner...but you know what they say about 'if only'. Tis a moot point.

Doesn't make it hurt any less.

If that wasn't bad enough, my roommate's alpaca also got put down today...but as soon as I got home from work she made it into this weird 'mine is worst' story, like "At least you weren't there <like I was>" And ended it by saying "Cheer up!"

Puta, when your beloved dog dies, I'd like to see you cheer up.


tears streaking, fingers typing.

She stares at the screen. Her fingers type with little thought pressed behind them, although the words on the screen appear to be the work of an educated individual, composed neatly, with an impressive vocabulary.
But there’s no real thought there. No, her brain is too busy dealing with the explosion of images, dark, frightening, heart-stopping. Her suddenly chest tightens. Warmth swells up, centered around her heart, and streaks towards the back of her eyes, inflaming them. Hot tears press against sensitive flesh, and her eyelids strive to fight against the flood, but the battle is a losing one.
Heat streaks down her cheek. It cools quickly, leaving a prickly feeling in its wake. She moves to wipe the residue away, but instead hesitates. The tears remind her of what she is fighting for, a physical reminder that bests the dark images inside her brain. She can do this.
She has no other choice.


...New Volunteer Job?

I kind of want to apply for this...


...just because I love Misha :)


This Weekend is so bad it's almost funny

On top of being sick and not able to partake in Halloween festivities, now my brother (who is visiting) used my toilet and completely plugged the thing up, with the water level almost overflowing.


And I can't fix it. Arrrrgh!


Sometimes I Really Hate my Family

I was all tired and ready for bed, but then I called my dad and then he told me some bad news THAT IS TOTALLY HIS AND MY MOM'S FAULT and now I'm all angry and wide awake and have to wake up at 6:30am for a super long day tomorrow. Fuuuuuuuuuucking whores and bitches, yo.




Summary: When the Trickster snaps Castiel out of the ‘Changing Channels’ game show, the angel finds himself in an alt version of L.A. where demons roam the streets and a dragon lays claim to the air. And there’s a vampire with a soul?
“The Wolf, the Ram, and the Hart?” the man repeated in a low voice. “The Trickster stuck me into this lost dimension? The one that evil claimed so long ago?”Collapse )

Gabriel Big Bang, Round 2!!!!!!! ...or not

It's that time again...

gabriel_bigbang</lj> | Timeline | Sign-Ups | FAQ

Time for the Gabriel Big Bang!!!!!!!!
Ideas & RulesCollapse )

EDIT: 11:18AM:

Sigh. Forget it. I just read the rules. Apparently they're allowing RPF (which is something I was into when I was in High School but now totally creeps me out) but NOT CROSSOVERS.

6. Are crossovers allowed?
No. We apologize, but the only crossovers that will be allowed are Supernatural RPF crossovers

This. Sucks. *sighs*

I like straight spn stories okay but you all know crossovers are my thing. I've rarely written a singular fandom fic - and if so just HP or BTVS.

I'm a saaaaaaaaaaaaaaad panda :(


This is why SPN fandom is the best:

It's the Chicago Con (bloody hell, yes, I live only 5 hours away but noooo I couldn't go. Boo!) Karaoke Party. Richard is there with the Vampire Alpha guy and young Mary. But the best part is MARK PELLEGRINO singing AC/DC "Big Balls" and Sebastian Roche crowdsurfing.

Oh. My. Chuck.

That's it. I am going to a con some day just to go to the Karaoke Party. For the love of all that is holy, I pray to the angel Castiel to find me the money to go -- maybe Nashville?

Also, Mark is the cutest thing. It's why, even he plays SATAN/THE DEVIL/LUCIFER/THE EVILEST CREATURE EVER, I can't help but try to figure out ways to ship him. Hence my Lucifer/Dawn fic ;)


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